Monday, May 23, 2005

Hello, Mr. Julius II - Nervous As Heck I am writing another blog entry when I should be doing my FYP right now. Dammit...seems that this blog always interferes with my other more important work. Stupid blog, I shouldn't've started it. entry...oooaaagh...must...ignore other...relevant...m-matters. Bleah.

Not that I've had any inpiration to write anything right now, mind you. I just that I feel I should be catching up on the months' events seeing as something quite big came up recently, and I haven't been dilligently updating myself now that I have a blog!

Well, it's a real hot night right now (get that out of your mind - I meant the TEMPERATURE 'hot' not SEXY 'hot'), and I shouldn't be complaining because I didn't want to switch on the air-conditioning in the hall as it's gonna be bedtime soon( I sleep in the hall in my own parent's apartment, right in front of my workspace. Cool, huh). Oh well, I guess I'm going to be switching it on a whole damn lot later on when I've got this place really set up for a 2D animation studio space. (I've just bought my full-sized lite-box and peg bar, and am going to be getting my drawing table very soon! Har har har!) I guess I'm gonna be venturing into traditional animation fo' real from this time on!

Then again, I don't even know if I'll be spending much time in my newly set-up studio in this house, seeing as I got this job from Inspidea.

Ooooohh yeah! That's right - Inspidea, the company what I went for an interview about 2 weeks ago. They called me up 3 days ago and told me I was hired as a production designer!

You probably think I'm the happiest person alive right now, but hell no, not really. In truth I'm nervous as heck. The only people who are happier than happy about all this are my parents, whom I, for my part, am happy that they are glad at last. They're so excited for me to start working on this coming 1st of June 2005. Oh well, I guess I owe it all partly to them and to many of my friends as well, in their own little ways. And especially to senorita Estella, a.k.a Su chee(for it was she who first alerted me of Inspidea's ad in the MMU Bulletin Boards and who forwards shiploads of company contacts in her Yahoo lists).

Only God knows how my first day'll turn out, and I'm going to pray hard to Him for more guidance along the way as I go on.


Blogger Cheese said...

Yay,congrats! Hope that you will have tonnes of fun in INSPIDEA.Semoga maju jaya.

1:00 AM  

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