Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hello, Mr. Julius.

It's now exactly 5:58 a.m, 11th of May 2005 Malaysian time. I'm takin' a break from working on my freelance assignment. It's no use...I can't work on it no further. The more I try to butter it up, the shittier it looks. I hate it. Why bother when all I can do now is make it look worse. Fuck it. I'm gonna go do cooler things, like writing this blog entry and when I'm done, draw ass-kickin comics! Yeeaaah! Ain't I just a stinker.

ANYway, o joy, o happy day... I got a call yesterday from Inspidea Animation Studios for a job interview on Saturday, May 14!

I still remembered, it was this funny number I saw when my phone rang. I was rudely awoken from my beauty slumber on the still early morning of 12:20 in the afternoon (I sleep daytime now, boys n girls). Like a polar bear out of hibernation, I gathered enough intelligence in my bonce to realise that I've come back to the real world, and slightly more intelligence yet to expect this call to be important. So I made doubly sure not to screw up (like the last time in Cyber, when this silly bleeder called me for an interview when I was sleeping at 9 a.m, and was kinda pissed cos i was pretty blurred). I forced my poor aching peepers open, cleansed both of them of peeper poo, took several deep breaths, and answered my phone with as sweet a hello as I can, which actually sounded like the frozen engine of a 10-ton Krupp truck with a flat battery and dead spark plug being cranked on a winter solstice.
Then, like a wind-chime from heaven, my cold-started eardrum picked up a signal which my still-frozen brain took 10 seconds to decode as a female voice, saying, "Hello Mr. Julius, I'm calling from Inspidea regarding your job application." I could just imagine her imagine me smiling.

All things aside, our telephone conversation went quite well. She was a charming lady, despite me sounding quite blur still as we chatted on. The company even sent me my interview details as well as some custom-made, bona-fide, built-for-order directions to their company office! Okay, I'm just exaggerating...but it was quite a detailed explanation of how to get there...

After all that, I took a look at their company website. Quite something different, I must say. On the splash page you can see a frail old crone shaking on her walking stick, like she was gonna croak at any moment. Click 'enter' and she'll turn into an ass-kickin, frail old crone without her walking stick, soaring up into the air like uncle Bruce Lee ready to bash your teeth in.

On a personal level: I think I'm gonna like 'em. Heck, I'VE GOTTA LIKE 'EM, even if they turn out to be of the same puffed-up species as those in 3D department in MFX! I'm gonna think positive! Gonna be myself and only myself and not masquerade anymore!

All in all, I hope i get this job as a Productions Designer in Inspidea. Getting this job would pretty much clear up my employment blues with my parents, and might be on my way to earn my first paycheck. I could also finally settle on a balanced schedule between my Final Year Project and work, and see if I got any time left over for my other aspirations. =)


Blogger Cheese said...

Haha,the other day there's an advertising company who called me up at around 12p.m. also ( I was sleeping of course) and I tried my best to sound sweet and awake (tapi voice turn out like suara katak).She couldn't hear me and asked me to speak louder.Hahah,and guess what? I asked her to call me again at 2p.m. (Doinks)

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