Friday, June 10, 2005

My bones are fucking killing me

Oooooooooo Lorena Mckennitt...Wiccan Dance...Ooooo shiok. Aaahhh, oohhh. Really takes the sting out of those asid laktik in my ol' muscles after a busy day at work.

Of course, I'm talking about the artist of the music that I am currently listening to. I don't have a woman by the name of Lorena etc, etc. Go download some of these fine songs if you're curious, it's L-O-R-E-N-A M-C-K-E-N-N-I-T-T. She's of the Celtic/Old English-cum-slow rock style, and she rocks.

Right, nothing very urgent really, I just feel that it's high time I updated this blog o' mine. Lots have been happening lately and I'll be really missing out on much if I don't start jotting down stuff now and then.

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It's 1:48 a.m. , tomorrow's another working day, and I'm up finishing the last of my freelance work for Dicky Choo (the bozo what hired me, kes and el) despite a grueling day at the office, obstructing my wish to go to sleep. My bones are fucking killing me, my muscles feel as though they were all being gnawed at the same instant by infant twins of mighty Joe Young, and my head feels as though I had a tumor the size of a lemon in it. I'm writing this as it is, I kid you not and exaggeration is out of the question here.

How really nice it is to have some bint to go home to everyday after work to fuck. Sigh.

...okay that was a joke. Lose the seriousness. am I taking my job now that I've passed the first week of office work? I'd say, GREAT! Despite the fatigue and the exhaustion, I'm actually lovin it. I'm telling as it is, I kid you not. I never knew working life was quite an okay thing, and what a decent start to my career, I must say. Though as a production designer, I'm not quite doing conceptual designs yet in office, but instead I got assigned to other tasks like colouring and composing an animated series called 'Mose Humphrey'. Well, that's only one of my tasks for the week actually. I get to work with another of my colleague, Edward doing the same stuff as me. Edward's pretty cool, quiet and composed - sorta like Woon Loong. Except that Woon Loong's crazier and a bigger psychopath than Edward.
As for colouring and composing, my partner on that job's Oday. He's an Iranian fellow, quite skilled at what he does, and an IT expert, i must say. We all call him the terrorist, and all sorts of other things, but he's good sport and tells me lots of stories...including one when he was in MMU. He tells me all his lecturers in MMU are racist and bloody biased motherfuckers, and they don't hide their hatred toward foreigners like Oday himself. Darn...I like chatting with him, when we chat we're so cordial with each other. Kinda loosen me up abit. I must admit, though things are as okay now, I didn't quite start my job there very smoothly. Not that the guys there were mean to me on the first week,'s just my usual self: the usual anti-social fuckup. Even Edward told me yesterday, "Don't be too rajin, when the boss comes back next week you're gonna get all that's coming to you man,". Andrew, my boss, is gone for the enitre week, you see.

Sigh. I certainly do hope things stay good as it is and get better as the weeks roll by. I don't really joke and fool around with my colleagues yet, but I'm trying hard as ever everyday to break the ice between us. These guys are as crazy as Jamal, Farid, Ridzuan and Firdaus during sekolah menengah! I can imagine the shits we'll be churning out of our traps when we DO eventually get around and start to loyar buruk!

I never mentioned the real extent of my gratitude or how hard I've asked for help from our Lord in any of my entry for everything that has happened to me, but in my heart I've always prayed and thought of Him.