Thursday, July 07, 2005

Not orgasmic great, but just great!

And here yet is another entry in this shitty blog of mine. Been having some pretty insignificant but interesting thoughts lately, and I've been wanting to update this blog with it for some time now, just never got round to it.

First on the menu - it's been one month since i started my job in Inspidea. Time for a progress report. (The past few entries are also about my job in Inspidea. *Phew*, how shitty.)

Well, as mentioned, it's been a month, and its all been great. Not orgasmic great, but just great! I've become chummier to the people there (at last). I'm very much inpressed with Raymond the Macross-head, who can paint and illustrate damn well. This guy's got a thing for robots and mechas and was born with a silver paintbrush in his mouth. And when i say he can paint and illustrate damn well, I mean he can paint and illustrate damn FUCKING GOOD, man! And he's a furry too, like I am (dont worry if you don't know what's a 'furry'. It means you aren't one and it ain't something bad). Every single one of the guys there in my office are damn talented in their own ways, not only Raymond, and we all sort of make up a complete party. They sorta made me in charge of 3D (thanks alot, MMU), and they seem to be having this thing for 3D and Maya. Too much 2D and Toon Boom in their systems I think.

Damn...and just when I'm starting to get to know them better, Edward and Auday's going away. Auday, or Oday in my previous entry, has already gone last week friday. His internship's over, and it's back to uni for him. I'm gonna miss that guy.

Oh well, as of yesterday monday we picked up two new shipmates, Julian from The One Academy (Wooooooo!) who knows Maya as well, and intern Nora, and she's a girl! The guys were all totally hormones since she came in. Those two seem okay, and anyways, hope to become best of friends with them. If you're reading this, welcome aboard, mates.

As for the outdoors part, I'm beginning to get used to the idea of driving to and fro every morning to work. Paying the toll and parking fees is beginning to get easier on me - no more (petty?) calculations as to how much it will amount to every month! Just me and my lovely grey Ozy every morning along the highway, just us two. Ozy's my best friend my car. I talk to 'im every day about my problems and ideas, and he listens and responds. Not like some damn fool humans.

Alright, you've probably had enough of Inspidea already. My next entry'll be different, unless there was something REALLY interesting in office to write about. Like a sex fest.

Damn fool humans.


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