Saturday, February 25, 2006

Good Old A21011

Sigh. I had a really weird dream...

How did it ever come to this, I wonder. Ha-ha.

It started out innocently enough one fine evening when I was chatting on MSN with Li Wen, one of my best friends from MMU times. He was viewing my blog and I was viewing his blog, and most of the time we caught up with each other's life, we discussed about the good old times with the gang (Darry, Woonloong, Kester, Matthias, Alan, Li Wen and Julius - gang A21011). It has been so long since we got out to makan together, so long since we engaged in a heated multiplayer computer game battle, so long since we got together as a gang once more.

So as innocent as the conversation seemed, Li Wen cordially asked me this one little question which goes, "so, who among us do you think is gonna get married first?" Well, my answer was "the slackiest among us i suppose" Ha-ha. I was half-joking, half telling the truth, actually...but my answer to that question isn't important. When the conversation ended and we said goodbye, it wasn't the end of the story for me. That innocent little question stayed on my subconscious mind like a vice.

When I slept I had this really warped dream that could only come out of a really warped mind. It was about that question Li Wen asked about who's gonna marry first, and for what reason God knows, I dreamt about it but with a little twist.
I dream we were all seven of us sometime in the future, and we were all so ancient and haggard-looking. We were out for a drink or something, i guess. I can see their wrinkled-up faces oh so clearly dear God, it was them, my friends! I remembered Kester in the dream most clearly; he was this sweet old grampaw with a nice hat and maroon checkered shirt with kind eyes and a cane...a true western gentleman and a true image of goodness. And Li Wen, he was there too, and he asked, "So who among us do you think is gonna die first?" And we all laughed. Ehhh ngyeh! Ngyeh! Ngyeh! Yeh! Hyuk! Hyuk! Hyuk! *snort* Imagine...a group of these sweet old geriatrics talking about such things!

Ha-ha-ha. Well, tie me kangaroo down, sport. It was kinda sad. But also in a way kinda beautiful...and funny at the same time. The dream was so damn realistic, I darn near wanna puke. I could smell, feel, touch, see so clearly...goodness. Thank God, there wasn't any conclusion as to who among us is gonna crop it first, and I hope sincerely that it wasn't a pre-cog like thing I'm experiencing.

Just wanna share this with you guys. Have a laugh, cry over it, your choice. This is a quick sketch as close as i can imagine that i did after i woke up. (Click on the image below for a larger view.)

1. Matthias
2. Yan Li Wen
3. Alan (wearing something that looks like knucklevest and shadow pants - thanks to Li Wen for pointing that out today)
4. Jouleous
5. Darry
6. Kester
7. Lai Woon loong


Blogger Cheese said...

Geez....what a dream...

6:27 AM  
Blogger ChristinE said... it! sound so much like dArry!! and woonloong looks hilarious with his perut buncit =D guys, i'm gonna carry ur pic around..its in my poddy dat i can look at it and think of the old times..hugz! i miss you guys so much *sob sob

4:04 PM  
Anonymous carmen said...

it's one hell of a picture jules.
so~ cute.
i wonder if u all will really turn like that one day~...i hope not.
so..have u solve the mystery?
"among us who will get marry first?" I guess perhaps is chris..shh..dun tell her.

6:13 PM  

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