Friday, February 24, 2006

Jouleous Good or Bad?

Thanks to my pal Amelia who forwarded me this site, here's something interesting for you guys to do.

Below are links to the Johari and Nohari window, a sort of personality awareness mapping system. Help me be a better person by pointing out my bad points, plus, tell me what you appreciate about myself. You can even set up your own personality awareness mapping later on when you're done and I'll help you.

Good points. (I think you're the best. Here's why.)

Bad points. (I think you're a stinking sanamabiche. Eat shit.)

Be honest about it, friends, whack me hard and don't hold back!
("Whack me", ha-ha. Well, please don't. Girls don't 'whack' only guys do...and I'm not gay.)

Thank you very much!


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