Monday, March 13, 2006

Chicken Little: A movie review.

I watched Disney's newest feature around a week or two after it was premiered, 'Chicken Little' and my first impression of the film was, heeeeaahhh hmm.

Why write a review about it only NOW, for goodness sake?

One thing though - the film, which is Disney's first ever 3D animation, failed to wow me terribly. Thing was, many thought it was good. Then I thought ok, why not give it a second try. Maybe I'll change my mind and notice things i haven't noticed before. Alas, nope, second helpings of that movie didn't alter my perception of it either. In fact, second helpings further worsen my views of that movie. So did the third helping sometime after that. And so on.

I had enough. Cut this shit. I faced the fact. I don't like it. Just like some of the newer Disney cartoons lately. I watched Lilo and Stitch, I hated the concept and the unoriginal designs and ideas. I watched the Atlantises, I don't hate it, but i don't like it either. I watched Brother Bear, mweh so what. I watched Treasure Planet, I bolted after the first 30 minutes. And now Chicken Little. ( *_*' ) Pfeh.

Disney announced that it's not going to do any more traditional hand-drawn style animation, and it's all 3D from now on. All the years of watching Disney ever since Aladdin 2, it's all downhill from then on. 2D or 3D, it doesn't matter. I don't care what technique Disney uses. My ultimate conclusion is that Disney has all the technique and expertise it needs, only lacks the kick when it comes to churning up original stories. When Disney's run out of fairy tales and fables, that's it mate, you've had your lot. That's my personal discovery. When it comes to original tales and new stories, I'd choose Dreamworks second to Pixar anytime over Pisney. Uh sorry. Disney.

On to Chicken Little.

It's really impressive how many accomodated pop songs and music can they cram into the entire movie (e.g. Abby and Runt's Spice Girl duet, I am the Champion by Chicken Little, ending part Ain't No Mountain High Enough), apart from the original score. I think it's just degraded the overall movie's music quality and purely irritating. Those songs are whored to boost up the atmosphere when the scenes start to become tedious and boring. It's too dependent on these pop songs, just too too too much hoo-haa and utterly not necessary.

I won't comment much on the animal characters of CK, because it's minor and not a significant issue and it's, after all, characters. However, when it comes to designs that matters like the aliens and their ships and stuff - things that will hold a lasting impression on the viewer about the movie itself - one word: BANAL. Family aliens. ENGLISH-speaking with American accent aliens. Octopus-resembling robots. Aren't all of these elements(and many others i won't mention) somehow a little too terran(earth)-originated? Furthermore, the alien robots are a little easy to be put off just by the throw of a trash can lid, don't you think? After all that hullabaloo i found myself thinking: "What a freakin War of the Worlds ripoff!" And the fact that Abby Mallard said, "It's like War of the Worlds out there!" in the part where she came to fetch CK and his dad Buck Cluck out of the theatre was like assuming the audiences were ignorant and Abby's saying it like it was the discovery of the millenium. That had me rolling my eyes, seriously. Speaking of eye-rolling, we can definitely do without the excess smart-mouth remarks and lip. I definitely cannot stand some of the hackneyed and irksome ad-libs. Whoyoutalkingabout? Why Chicken Little, of course.

In another related case, Lilo and Stitch suffers from the same symptoms as CK. What's up with the hot-rod alien fighters? And the alien police cruisers for crying out loud?? And the humanoid weapons and characters? Are they running out of ideas?! I'd really expect something better of Disney. Looks like Sci-Fi is not really Disney's forte, i must say.

If I could re-make the Mortal Kombat game and put in CK characters in them instead of the usual MK characters, I'd do a big, bloody-looking red word that says 'BANALITY' instead of 'FATALITY' during the finishing move. And add more gore.

Sincerely, I apologise to the fans of Chicken Little. This review was written with as little prejudice as possible, i swear.

Sad to say, Disney has become like our National car maker PROTON. You know what to expect with every new product unleashed:


Blogger Cheese said...

I hate Chicken Little too. One word. Lame.

6:08 PM  
Blogger picibel said...

yeah Disney's lost it. And the best thing they're trying to do now is to buy up all the other uber animation studios in an attempt to nerf them to their level, or at least take a ride on the other company's credibility.

You know why disney still could rake billions every year? because their target market is always the younger kids, & they always make movies to accomodate kids around that age group. Its the first time 'em kids are seeing those kinda shiet, so whats there to compare?

Disney's pathetic. reminds me of One Academy. Stunning technical skills but VERY inferior/unoriginal ideas to back them up. oops.

fire me?

8:44 AM  
Blogger Jouleous! said...

Couldn't put it any better myself. When I saw the headlines that Disney was gonna buy over Pixar, it reminds me about an image i received in my email: the little Pixar lamp having two large black round ears ala Mickey Rat and I thought what a pariah this whole thing is.

If Pixar folds too, what's Disney's next conquest? Dreamworks? Aardman Studios?

I don't know what it is, it's just plain rotten

12:40 PM  

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