Sunday, May 14, 2006

A tribute to Ayie Ibrahim of Inspidea

When I was in Inspidea, I did a lot of storyboarding. Ayie, a senior animator and animation director there at that time, had a lot of comments about my drawings and ideas. Some of his comments were, "Your poses are all wrong", "You might want to double-check your proportions, they're improper", "These shots are incorrect!", "The framing is all wrong, you've crossed the line", "Redo it. There's no continuity with the last shot".

Sadly, most of his comments fell on deaf ears of mine just because the boss liked most of my storyboards. I've always thought nothing was wrong about my drawings and that it'll look mighty good on screen. We were all very busy too, and I just couldn't pay much attention to the things Ayie told me. But he was mighty diplomatic and tolerant about it, seeing as all the works were coming from an unexperienced animator like myself. However, as time went by I could see it in his eyes he's almost done telling me things.

Ayie then decided with my boss Andrew to give the entire studio a free-for-all weekly drawing class to boost up overall quality. Ayie was responsible for teaching us for I'd say he's the most experienced artist among us. He commented on my drawing style too then, saying "Your strokes are all too rough" over and over again. He told me that if I wanted to be an animator, I must learn the 'animator's stroke'. At that time, I didnt know what the heck he was talking about, and I made the mistake of not making an effort to understand him and I let things pass.

Then one day, I discovered the blog of a cartoonist/animator whom I admired.

From there, lessons poured in. I realised that I've been really missing out on many things. Animator or not, quality is still not within my grasp. I also realised what Ayie meant all these while when he commented on my drawings in the office. But by then it was too late. In March 2006 he left Inspidea, just when my contract was over. With this new insight, I aspire to train everyday and get better.

So, aspiring cartoonist/animators/artists like myself, I just wanna share this little bit of advice with you which I picked up some time ago, i forgot where, that I've lived by for the past few years:

"When an artist stops learning on account that he feels he already knows everything, it's the death of him."

Ayie, dude if you're reading this, thanks alot for everything that you've given me during my time there in Inspidea! (^_^)V

Peace, bro. I do hope I see you again!



Blogger zulkaplye said...

hai!!! daaaahh ahhiiaakk,...
ayie is a great animator after all....long live ayie... hahaha

4:37 AM  
Blogger Mute Muse said...

ayie is now my teacher. you're right, he's really great. and cute too.


9:43 PM  
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